Monday, July 4, 2011

The G Family

I was privileged to to photograph this wonderful extended family at their summer home in Falmouth, MA.
It was a fun get together and the weather and the kids all cooperated. Thank you for choosing me! My daughters and I really enjoyed our time with you!

Summer Musings

So, today os the fourth of July and I am just getting started on my summer stuff. Due to two deaths in the family, it has been difficult to concentrate on working and I have fallen behind in my postings. I will try to catch up as best as I can and just say that photography is a very important part of life-enjoy it and take as many pictures as you can. When you can, have professional portraits done, they are worth it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I say they are worth much more than that. Have a great summer.

I got to photograph a great couple out and about Ptown the day after their marriage. Best wishes and PS, you'll make great dads!

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2011

Yikes, it is already May and I realized that I haven't written since February. It has been a busy spring! I have done some executive portraits, some newborns, and some wonderful kids who speak German and Spanish as well as English. I have been to Tucson, lost a dear friend to cancer, attended a couple of different educational seminars and taught some photography lessons. Whew! I am also in process of upgrading my website so that is more Apple friendly. Flash websites are not compatible with Apple, so I have an ancillary site but that strands you because there is no way back to the main site.

I also designed and delivered an awesome wedding album that took many hours of concentration and patience. It was nice to use some those skills that I learned in art school, composition color and scale as well as how to make the book tell a story.
That's all I have time for now. I'll post again as soon as I can. :-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 1

More SNOW! My oldest daughter is about to embark on the journey of her life and we awoke this morning to more snow...Yikes! Court is off to Kenya later today if her flights get out on time. Follow her blog at
This month, brings new journeys and new fights for life as my cousins daughter has been diagnosed at 4 mos with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphatic? Leukemia). She is at Children's Hospital in Boston fighting for her life. I am setting up a fundraising photo shoot for Chloe.
Check back soon, in the meantime, prayers and positive thoughts! Thanks

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30, 2011

         The last three months of the year are always the busiest at my studio. I guess that holds true for this year as when I just looked at my blog, I haven't updated it since September. Ughh, sorry.
         Many changes have occurred in the last three months, including moving out of my studio. Turns out, my last studio session was also one of my first studio sessions, a precocious set up twins with BEAUTIFUL blue eyes and long straight hair. It was fun to photograph them (and their dad) and see how much they have grown! I am sad about leaving my studio but happy at the potential for growth that I now have by working from home.

         2010 has been a year of meeting new people and connecting with old (familiar) people. It has been a year of happy moments, growth and learning in my business and in my personal life. It also has been filled with  sadness at losing one special friend and fellow photographer as well as some I didn't know well but still grieve their loss.  I am looking forward to an eventful and full year in 2011. I raise my glass and toast to you.....
       Happy New Year!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ellen and Jill's Wedding

Ellen and Jill's Wedding
Click on the link above to see my latest video creation!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prices Class of 2011 Senior Portraits

General Information           
I offer quality and service at an affordable price. I do not cut corners, ALL of my offerings are of professional grade and I guarantee my work. If you don’t like it, I will replace it or give you your money back.
I spend a lot of time preparing and working to get  images of you that shows your best features and brings out your personality.                  
 I offer a free consultation so that I get to know each individual client and we choose the location of your portraits together. I do not do all my senior portraits at the same location or do the same poses on each person.                  
 I take the time during the photo session to make you feel comfortable. And I give out candy to make you smile if need be…let me know your favorite brand beforehand so I can have some with me!
During the sales session, I project your best images and help you choose the products that best suit your needs. There is no pressure to buy what you do not need or want.
Your finished portraits are then retouched so that blemishes, lines, dark circles and stray hairs disappear, sometimes I even iron wrinkles out of clothes! I polish your image to make it look good but I do not over polish it. Your images will look natural and beautiful.  It usually takes about six weeks from the time you order to receive your finished portraits. I also supply your yearbook image to your school.
My hope is to show you the value of a professional senior portrait with Individualized attention and quality products and services….what is worth to you?                                  

Portrait and Clothing Suggestions

•Everyone should be rested. If you are tired and stressed at your portrait session, it will show! It also helps with your cooperation, and smiling ability!

•Keep your clothing visually simple.
Don’t wear outfits with words or designs, stripes or pictures. You want your face, eyes and expression to command attention, not the words on your shirt.

•Give consideration to color                  Solid colors are recommended for most or all outfits. Darker shades tend to make people look slimmer. Colors such as white, beige, tan, pale peach or pink, or gray, are good for beach scenes. Also, sky blue, pale green, watermelon and dark peach colors complement the outdoor setting. For fall, consider wearing red, gold, deep orange, emerald green and dark green.

Use clothing to accentuate your best features.            You may want to forego short sleeves or spaghetti straps, or sleeveless shirts for men. It make the arms look heavy even if they are not. Round and square faces look good in a square-neck top, while thin faces or pointed chins are attractive with rounded-neck tops.

•Go easy on the jewelry.            Avoid wearing attention-grabbing jewelry. Again, the photograph should accentuate your face, eyes and personality, not draw unwarranted attention to your jewelry. Also, jewelry can date a photograph very quickly. Classic jewelry pieces are best.

•Apply your makeup as you normally wear it.            It’s tempting to get very “glam” when having pictures taken, but this could very well make you look like a stranger in your senior portrait. Apply your makeup as you normally look on a day-to-day basis, but bring your makeup with you and let the photographer know you have it. If the photographer feels you need a touch more blush or eyeshadow, he or she will let you know. Avoid glitter or sparkly anything (powder, eye shadow, blush) – it tends to reflect the flash and leaves white spots. Also avoid too much lip gloss. It can also leave white spots from the flash or make you look like you’re drooling.

•Guys need a fresh shave.
A fresh shave for guys is recommended, and moustaches or beards should be neatly trimmed.

•Don’t worry about blemishes!
Don’t worry about a blemish or bruise. Ask your photographer about retouching options to get the most attractive portrait possible. Keep in mind that digital retouching is expensive, however.

•Make sure your hands are presentable.
Like shoes, hands can show up in some of your favorite poses, so be sure to take the time to make them presentable – Nails should be trimmed and if you wear polish, make sure it is freshly done and a neutral color.

  High School Senior Portrait Sessions

Individual-Studio            $65
Individual-Outdoors                  •$95

•All portrait sessions include yearbook wallet or digital file provided to the high school.
•Yearbook images will be posted on facebook.
•Locations outside 15 miles of 02540 and 02559 are subject to travel fees.
•All finished images are retouched, color corrected, cropped and presented in recycled folders.

PACKAGE #1  (10  images)           $725

3–8x 10’s
4-5 x 7’s
32 wallets
3 accordion mini albums
10- 4 x 6’s (10 different images) 
25 facebook images

Package #2 (5 images)           $525

•3- 8x 10’s
•4- 5 x 7’s
•16 wallets
2 accordion mini albums
20 facebook images

Package #3 (3 images)           $395
2- 8 x 10’s
4- 5 x 7’s
16 wallets
1 accordion mini album
 15 facebook images

Package #4  (3 images)           $165
1- 8x 10
2- 5 x 7’s
8 wallets
 10 facebook images


6.25% MA sales tax not included.
In accordance with Federal Law, The Copyright Act protects all images from being copied without my permission. Images are copyrighted (©) and may not be copied, scanned or otherwise reproduced without written consent of the artist.

Wall Portraits, Desk portraits and Albums
Wall Portraits are available in
Beautifully, professionally framed portraits-ready to hang
Many frame choices available-time =money, one stop shopping!
Canvas Gallery Wraps need no frames! They are available in standard and custom sizes in .75”, 1.5”, and 2.5” in thickness.

                          Framed                                  Unframed                  Canvas Wrap
30 x 40                  $1695                                    $995                                    $1150
24 x 36                  $1025                                    $885                                    $1010
24 x 30                  $925                                     $685                                    $850
20 x 24                  $725                                     $495                                    $650
16 x 20                  $525                                     $395                                    $550
11 x 14                  $275                                     $195                                    $350

Can’t decide on just one image? Opt for more arranged with double
 mattes & framed in your choice of color and style.

16” x 24” Frame -- 3-5 x 7’s                                                       $350.00
16” x 24” Frame--1-8 x10 & 4-4 x 5’s                                           $425.00
16” x 16” Frame--9- 6” x 6”                                                       $550.00
28” x 28”Frame --1-8 x 10  &  8-4-6’s                                          $675.00

Digital collage
5 x 30 mounted and framed digital print with 5 images                   $150.00
Wallets/desk portraits           
                          a-la-carte                        with package
Based on One image:
 8                                                               $ 60                                 $ 40
2-5 x 7’s                                                     $ 95                                  $ 75
1-8 x 10                                                      $ 95                                  $ 75

100 wallets in a custom box                        $250             
 50 wallets in a custom wallet box              $175

Based on Multiple images:
8 wallets (8 images)                                   $ 95                               $ 65                 
10-4 x 6 images (10 images)                       $225                               $195

HD Slideshow on DVD                                                                   $150

3”x3” accordion mini album 12 images                                           $ 50                  
5” x 5” Soft cover, spiral bound w/ 24 images                                 $225
5” x 5” Leather Hard cover albums with 20 images                          $395
8” x 8” Leather Hard Cover with 24 images                                     $595
10” x 10” Leather Hard Cover with 24 images                                  $695